Farm to Bar Chocolate

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Our Story

Masfino Chocolate bars are made from cacao beans grown on our Ecuadorian farms. This makes us different from many other chocolate makers because having our own farms allows us to control every step of the chocolate making process, from the planting of the cacao to the fermentation of the beans.





Our Cacao

Ecuador is famous for it's high quality cacao.  Chocolate made from these cacao beans have complex and pleasant aromas that don't appear in most other chocolates.

Because of Ecuadorian cacao's reputation, Masfino Chocolate Company has spent over 10 years researching and planting cacao trees in that country.  We believe we've identified some of the best cacao in the region and cultivated them on our farms.


Our Factory


Masfino Chocolate selects the most aromatic beans from our farms and ship them to our chocolate factory in Yilan City, Taiwan.  Here, we carefully turn our cacao into chocolate bars.   The cacao is first roasted until the flavor is fully developed, then we grind them with stone rollers for up to 5 days to finish the chocolate .