Masfino Chocolate Company started out in Ecuador where we learned how to cultivate cacao and create Bean to Bar chocolate.  Over the years, our chocolates have received multiple awards from international chocolate competitions like the Academy of Chocolate Awards (AoC) and the International Chocolate Awards (ICA).

The success of our products at international competitions has only increased our passion for making chocolate.  We’re constantly experimenting with new techniques and searching for better cacao.  

Our most recent adventure took us to Vietnam.  Cacao from this region has been gaining international recognition over the last 10 years, with the International Cocoa Organization (ICCO) categorizing Vietnamese cacao as “fine flavor cacao” in 2016.

We’ve been researching Vietnamese cacao, but COVID restrictions prevented us from directly traveling there.  Luckily, the owner of Masfino Chocolate Company has family in Vietnam, so we’ve asked them to help us with our research.  Our family members traveled through the Vietnamese countryside visiting farms and sending us samples of their cacao.  We also asked them to inspect the farms for cleanliness and see which ones don’t use pesticides.  

After months of testing samples and inspecting farms, Masfino Chocolate Company identified two farms that we wish to work with.  We’ve arranged to pay a premium price to these farmers if they continue to produce cacao that meet our high standards, and the first shipment of their cacao arrived last month.

Masfino Chocolate Company is proud to present our new line of chocolate bars made from Vietnamese cacao.  This batch of chocolate has hints of dark berries, pineapple, and spices.  Come visit our shop at Shin Kong Mitsukushi Xingyi A4 and try a sample.